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Friday, May 10, 2013


The speech was held at Manor Technical High School in Austin, Texas where Obama used high school kids as props for a campaign speech.

The Campaigner-in-chief was at it again today. And again he had a captive audience of low-information young people who 'oh and awe' on his every proposal.  

This time the audience was high school students.  Why is he campaigning to younger and younger kids?

At this rate, he'll be campaigning to first graders,  telling them to  whine to their parents to vote for Progressive Democrats, even if they disagree with their politics... so they can get something done.

In this speech, Obama explains three things he's convinced will spur growth in the middle class... as if that's where all Americans aspire to be.  Among his comments was the following:

"Every once in a while I'm going to need your help to lean on your elected representatives and say, 'Hey lets do something about this.    Even if is you don't like it politically, if it's a good idea lets go ahead and support it.  We're going to need your help to promote it.'

Obama also said he'll sign executive orders today.   He said where he can, he said,  he'll act on his own with these actions to further his agenda. 


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