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Monday, May 20, 2013


On a Fox and Friends segment today, BrIt Hume (a Fox News contributor) reacted to new reports that the Justice Department had accessed the personal emails of a Fox News' investigative reporter.  

This reporter's privacy, it appears,  was violated as part of a Justice Department  leak investigation centered around a North Korea situation a few years ago

Brit Hume started to say it was unprecedented (then backed off on that characterization a little saying he's never seen it) for any administration to go after a reporter (or reporters) for simply doing their jobs.

Hume said, (I'm paraphrasing) that the Justice Department is interfering with the constitutional, and lawful, activities of the press.

He said that after press briefings, reporters will routinely go around the room asking follow-up questions then report their findings. 

And now the Justice Department wants to assert  this  activity is a crime?

So, the interview with Brit Hume continued and concluded  by discussing a strange contradiction of Obama's words and deeds.

  They pointed out that while the administration is attacking (investigating) reporters as if they are criminals, Obama is saying in campaign speeches that "We need a reporter shield law".   

Now that is strange.

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