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Monday, May 27, 2013


Another yea is zooming bye.  Another year of American citizens going to baseball games, birthday parties, drinking beer, going on vacations, going to work, to play, and to sleep has come full circle since last Memorial Day.

I am a Desert Storm Era Veteran.  I was a member of the 5th Signal Bn., Fort Polk, Louisiana.  I was able to serve in support of those who fought.

The men and women I knew were your average-everyday-Americans who believed in something bigger than themselves. Sure they probably enlisted so they could "see the world", collect a paycheck, or get a college education, but in the backs of all of their minds they understood the gravity of their enlistment.

Each of them knew, as I did, that they might be called upon one day  to fight and possibly die in defense of our nation.

Each of them lived the day-to-day activities like the ones I listed above, yet they were willing to lay it on the line, if called upon.

Sadly,for some of my Desert Storm friends time on Earth stood still.  It ended.  It ended for soldiers who used to attend birthday parties, go shopping, washed their cars, had cookouts and picnics with friends and family.

Today, let's be mindful of all those who paid the ultimate price while defending our liberty, our Constitution and our nation! Enjoy the fruits of their sacrifices and have a wonderful Memorial Day.  I think they would want us to.

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