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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Protesters Rally against Trump, Chicago. Friggin' idiots!

This is the B.S. we're up against.  Chaos with its hand out sucking the life out of America.  They are all so so damn smart!  They are  looking out for number one, being useful idiots.

Watch: Hillary Barking like a dog ad

Is this really the kind of President we want leading our nation?  

Friday, March 11, 2016

WATCH: Ben Carson Endorses Donald trump (FULL VERSION)

Conservablogger just watched Carson's endorsement of Trump and loved every word of it.

As Carson remarked, It IS about 'the people of America' and we shouldn't allow political operatives to divide us.  We need to be unified as citizens.

Watch the Q&A bonus material you won't hear on any public TV network.  Listen to what he says about Hillary Clinton regarding "Rules for Radicals".

Here's the video:

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Republican Establishment Scared to death of TRUMP

Conservablogger hasn't commented on the Republican nomination candidates yet because I've been undecided, quite frankly.

I really appreciated Carson's quiet humility and clarity of measured thought and emotion.  I also like Ted Cruz (still in the hunt) and his ability to politic... to lead and see through the will of the people, acting accordingly.

Rubio, I was undecided about until recently. I decided that many of his remarks toward his opponents are trivial, crude and personal, rather than having actionable substance.

Trump, while cringing at some of his clumsy, brash and blunt comments has drawn criticism from every political circle with the exception of many voters.  Included in the detractors are the establishment Republican who would rather have their puppets like Rubio and possibly Cruze win the nomination.

There is a puppet master (it seams) that controls the political game.  This puppet master has brought our nation and our liberty to the brink of disaster by creating porous borders, free trade that robs our jobs, and basically enslaves our children to massive national debt.

So, Trump comes along.  He's sick and tired of our nation being robbed and destroyed.  He has his own money, isn't beholding to donors and speaks his mind.  

He is brash.  Is he presidential?  I'm not sure.  Is any candidate "presidential"' till he gets in office?  

What qualifications did Obama have to hold office?  I remember the media (prior to Obama's first presidential election) talking about his foreign policy team this, and his national security team that... it was like he had teams to cover every eventuality.  

Has the media embraced trump at all?  No.   This kind of makes me think 'maybe Trump isn't so bad after all'.

I'm not worried about Trump being president.  He will have advisers.  I believe he will listen to them, then make the best decisions that would benefit our nation, not tear it down like what I'm seeing now from the current administration and any administration the Democrats would put in office.

Trump knows how to handle money.  He understands finances and liberty.

Trump has the right idea about Muslim Islamic thought and their hatred for the Western world (that's us).  There are millions of Islamic folks who would kill us, yet this current administration welcomes them, while turning away Christian seeking asylum.

Trump has the right idea about building and maintaining a wall.  Why is that bad?  Not even the establishment will support this idea.  What does that tell you?

So Iguess you could say conservablogger would welcome Trump as president.  Hopefully he would choose a vice-candidate who would cause Trump to measure his rhetoric  and advise him in weak areas such as faith and conduct.    Maybe his choice will be Carson.  What do you think? 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


INCREDIBLE!  All I can say is thanks Trey Gowdy for your performance here!

Stay on 'em!  Here is the video:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kick Mary Landreau out of Office! Please!

She's a Democrat.  She's a liberal.  She is a progressive stooge.    What she isn't is conservative. 

I keep seeing a television ad where she's sitting beside an old white guy, the kind of guy who should be kicking her ass out of office and he's acting as if she is where it's at!  Let me tell you, after she voted for the Affordable Care act (Obamacare), she was scratched off of my list of people to vote for.

She's a proponent of  Common Core, which in my opinion is progressive indoctrination and purposely de-nationalizes our kids.

LANDREAU IS THROUGH HAS TO GO.  A vote for her is a vote for our nation's decline and more of what Obama plans for us.  We have to get rid of her because that's  our part of fixing what's wrong with our nation.

Too many progressives and not enough conservatives in the senate and presidency.