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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is Alex Jones Full of it?

Jones, a syndicated radio shock jock,  claims that global criminals are surging to subdue America and fold her into a  new world order.

A recent story brought to light  a National Guard whistle blower explains how the Texas National guard is planning to confiscate weapons and treat  doomsday preppers as terrorists.

The whistle blower said they are preparing for the take over of gas stations and grocery stores.

If true, this is disturbing.  We will have to go through the government for anything we need.

Is this possible?  Is it possible that our own government could be conspiring in such a way as this?

I suggest looking at  the Alex Jones web site, and taking a look at his evidence.  Read his stories and decide for your self.

If this is true, why would the government taarget Prepers?  I think because they would be best able to resist a need to fall in lock step with the government's demands.

Think about it.  I know ; I feel like I know something is not right with this government.  Is this why?  Is this what's wrong?

Why has the government purchased 1.3 billion hollow point bullets?  This is something to think about.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Presidential Lies - Our Way of Life in the Balance

Share this with everyone you know.  Watch both videos to see how the conclusion is justified. 

This information can not be refuted, and with the media on their side, we must report this ourselves.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


From the Conservablogger INBOX  via Dick Morris:

UN Gun Control Is Back!
Published on on October 23, 2012

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Dear Friend,
After a wave of outrage stopped President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from signing the proposed UN Gun Control Treaty (called the UN Arms Trade Treaty), the treaty advocates are back with a devilish new strategy!

As we warned in Here Come the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, the gun control advocates won't stop trying to impose gun controls on the United States through an international treaty to override the Second Amendment.
The plan was to sign the treaty on July 27th in New York, but you sent 700,000 emails through our web site ( alone to the Senate and that led 51 Senators to urge Hillary not to sign.  She backed off and the negotiations ended.

Now advocates of the Treaty, as we predicted, are back and have introduced a resolution in the UN General Assembly calling for the resumption of negotiations and outlining a new procedure to get it passed even if the US objects.

Under their plan -- likely to be approved later this month by the General Assembly -- the negotiators are not going to seek consensus (read: U.S. approval) but will write the Treaty as they please and introduce it to the General Assembly for approval.  If two-thirds of the Assembly vote for the treaty (a foregone conclusion), then it will be submitted to the nations of the world for signature and ratification.  Nobody will be able to change the Treaty, they have the option of signing or not.

When sixty nations have signed, the Treaty will take effect and be binding on those who have signed and ratified it.

Here's the rest of the plan:  After the election is over, Obama and Hillary will probably sign the Treaty.  They then won't submit it for ratification since, under the Vienna Convention, it takes effect automatically on their signature even without Senate ratification.  That means that the Treaty takes full effect unless one of two things happen:

(a)  Either the Senate votes to kill the Treaty, or

(b)  The president or a future president renounces it

The first option won't happen.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won't permit the Treaty to come up for a vote in the lame duck Senate session that begins after Election Day.  He knows it would lose.  So, as long as Obama is president and he doesn't renounce the Treaty, it will take effect without Senate action.

We need to mobilize to stop this end run around our Constitution.  Once the Arms Trade Treaty is signed by Obama, it will open the door to international gun controls imposed by the Geneva-based enforcers of the Treaty.

(Nominally, the Treaty bars the exportation of small arms by private individuals or companies to foreign countries.  But, in its enforcement, it obliges signatory countries to require registration of the small arms in their citizens' possession.  And, if that fails to stop the export of small arms, it empowers the global body to take further steps, likely to include prohibition and confiscation.

Please sign this petition to stop the Arms Trade Treaty.  We succeeded before in forcing a postponement, now let's stop the Treaty and kill it entirely.

To do this, please send this email all over the place so it goes viral and we get millions of emails to deluge the Senate, the President, Hillary, and the UN.

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Friday, October 19, 2012


In the weeks following his son's suicide, Fox News’ Brit Hume unexpectedly began receiving cards and letters from all over the United States.  He said these were uplifting during that time.  

This is a remarkable discussion on one man's struggle to be his better self, I believe.  He says he's a Christian, and that he hopes there's enough evidence out there to prove it.

This really is an intimate discussion about the inner thoughts of a person.  I'll look at this guy in a different light from now on.


The intelligence of these young people concerns me since they could actually go to the polls and vote.

The foreign policy debate is off the table with these morons.  They haven't a clue as to the effects Obama's policies have had related to foreign policy in the middle east.  This video is the evidence of this notion.

How can these young people ever make a rational-informed decision on who to vote fore if they are not informed on important matters?  I bet you a buck, however, that  most of these morons can give  you  useless details about what's happening on "Jersey Shore" or "The X Factor".

This is really sad, actually.  Their parents need to have a talk with them.



"...So little time, so much to redistribute" is one of Mit's phrases that had the dinner guests cracking up.

He also suggested bringing Joe Biden because "he'll laugh at anything'.  

The delivery of this speech is masterful and a 'must-see'.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jim Graves - a 'Grave' Mistake for Minnesota Voters

To the voters of Minnesota:  Voting for Jim Graves would be a 'GRAVE' MISTAKE.  We don't need any more folks in Washington DC lacking moral and patriotic character.

We surely do not need more Democrats in Congress!  Democrats today are nothing more than Communists with a different name.

We don't need folks who plan to redistribute and diminish America's wealth.

How can I say this?  Look at what's been happening over the past several years.   

We need honest fiscal conservatives holding that post, not a Marxist in disguise... that is, in disguise until you see his voting record).

If you are smart, Minnesota voters, you'll keep Michele Bachman in office.  It's evident to me that she stands for the truth, even when the truth isn't popular.  She's courageous, not a coward like that liar, Jim Graves.

Bachman has the kind of character we need in Washington. 

Check out Michele Bachman's new ad refuting the lies coming coming from the Graves' campaign.

If you would like to contribute to Michele Bachman's Campaign, she could really use the help. CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE TO MICHELE BACHMAN'S CAMPAIGN.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debate - Romney Busts out Obama on Chinese Investments and Cayman Accounts (video)

I think this was an awesome exchange.  I don't care if either has Chinese investments.  What I do care about is how one side would vilify the other; hypocritically criticizing a person as being 'out of touch' with mainstream America.

It is obvious to me that Obama didn't want this information out there.  You'll hear him try to halt this discussion, but Romney would not be stopped.

Obama's behavior here is far from adult, much less Presidential.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Conservablogger: Post Oct. 16 Debate Reaction

I sat here, eyes glued to the monitor watching and  listening to President Obama lie his ass off. 

As the night went on I wondered where these questions came from.  Whose ideas were these questions? 

None of the questions forced Obama to acknowledge his failures.  This said, Obama didn't offer any new ideas fixing the state of the union.  I didn't expect him to.  

 I think he would have been better suited to run against himself; admitting his shortcomings and offering some new ideas.

The problem with this is that he has to separate himself from Mit Romney and please his base.

Mit Romney busted out Obama on Obama's own Chinese investments, and Cayman Island accounts to which Obama surely didn't want to discuss.  Obama seemed to know where Romney was going when he went back to the topic of Chinese investment issue that Obama brought up.  So what happen?   Obama tried like hell to shut down  Romney's remarks on this issue.  The moderator stepped in to bail out Obama, but not before we discovered Obama has his own Chinese and Cayman Island accounts.

I wanted to hear more of Obama's explanation of the Benghazi explanation, but once they started in discussing it, the moderator again bailed out Obama.

That said, I still think Romney did a great job of hanging the record of the last four years around Obama's head for all to see.

Romney repeated several times, "23 million out of work, 47 million on food stamps, 1 in 6 in poverty", and he stressed that we don't have to settle for this.  His sincerity  was much more believable than Obama's.

Romney's responses at times sounded as if he really understands why America is declining. 

I am bias against Obama.  I think he's offering us a progressive disease.  He has infected our government with a hatred and an ideology that is causing our nation, our republic, to be ill.  

If he were honest while he campaigned 4 years ago, what would he have said?

"When I'm President, I won't know what my Justice Department is doing, I won't know what my State Department is doing, I'm going to shut down the space shuttle program, I won't know what my Secret Service is doing, I'm going to Ram Healthcare down your throats (even if you don't want ti), I'm going to wage war against the Constitution with department regulations, I'm going to shut down the Coal industry, double the price of gasoline and regulate the hell out of small businesses.  

I'm going to co-opt the media, I'm going to file suit against states that attempt to deal with illegal immigration, I'm going to remove the border patrol from major portions of our Northern and Southern borders attributing the changes to environmental concerns, and I'm going to remove the bullets form border patrol's guns.

Not only that, I'm going to sign a bill into law that gives me the power to detain American citizens without charge and without due process.  I have big plans for America's fundamental transformation.  Just you wait.

If he were honest, he'd say things like this.  

The more I think about tonight's debate, the better I feel about it.  I think Romney exposed Obama again for the terrible leader he is.

What do you think?

Debate - Romney Blasts Obama on his Energy Policy

What could Obama do but lie about his American energy production?  Do you really think he could spell out his true plans?  Think back to the comment about his 'cap and trade' system under which electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket".  

That said, listen to this heated discussion in which Romney hangs the results of Obama's energy policies right where they belong; at the feet of the President..

Fox - Post Debate Focus Group: 'Mit Won'!

According to the vast majority of this focus group, Mit Romney won Tuesday evening's Presidential Debate. I would agree. Check out the reactions of the post debate focus group:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thomas Peterffy - Freedom To Succeed Videol

Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary.  In 1956, dispite the fact that he could not speak English,  he immigrated to the United States and pursued the American dream. 

In the 1970s, Thomas bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange. He played a key role in developing the electronic trading of securities and is the founder of Interactive Brokers, an online discount brokerage firm with offices all over the world.

Through hard work and dedication, he started a business that employs thousands of people today. 


Complete VP Debate VIDEO - Bideon vs. Ryan

I think the interruptions by the moderator did stifle the details Ryan wanted to give on some issues. Pay attention and see if you agree with Conservablogger's assessment.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden: Laughing at the Issues (VIDEO)

Obama's Communist Dream for America - video

This is so important.  It is beyond me how any American who believes in liberty could vote for this man.

Check out the following video:

Is Obama a Communist? Woman at VP Debate Rally thinks so but Can't Explain

In the following video, I believe the exchange between the interviewer and the woman saying Obama is a communist is a put-on.    I could be wrong.  I admit there are idiots on both ends of the spectrum so this could be true.

That said, sometimes the gut feelings we get about folks are on the money.  

In the wake of the George Zimmerman doctored 9-1-1 tape and the mischaracterization of Romney ensuring Ryan received some of the spotlight at a rally - as well as the collusion of the press to create a political narritive regarding Romney's remarks following the Benghazi and Egypt embassy attacks... would you put it past the media to create a discrediting scenario like this?

Let's say this is for real, I'd like to remind you of the Ohio woman screeching, "I got my Obama phone."

Was the entire crowd in on this hoax?  When she was saying Obama is a Communist, the others were kind of smiling... If it were 'for real', they would probably have grown angry... but they didn't.

The interviewer asks the woman to explain why she thinks Obama is a Communist to which she is made to look like an idiot.  I'd like them to ask me that question.

There are 2 videos below.  The one I described here and then below that is a video  illustrating Obama's Communist tendencies. 

First, what is Communism?  A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.

Here is the first video:


This next video is a sort of retort to the question:  Is Obama a communist?  Is there a Communist in the White House?  Look at the definition of Communism, then look at what Obama has done.  Look first at healthcare.  then look at the auto industry.

Pat Smith on CNN - Anderson cooper 'Tell me the truth'

Pat Smith, mother of a fallen Benghazi worker, talks about the information she's been getting from the administration.

All she wants is the truth, but all she's getting (along with the rest of America) is political hogwash. 


Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama Video: That "wasn't the real Romney"

Scroll down to see video...

That wasn't the Real Romney, huh?  Was that the real you, Mr. President?  Or was the real you that guy who spoke to the largely black college in 2007 using that fake-ass black-speak of yours?

Mr. President, you are so old hat.  The American people are on to you and your Marxist-anti-colonial ideology.  We don't want central planners, we don't want over regulation, and we don't want a nanny-cradle-to-grave involvement of the federal government in our lives!

We don't want you down sizing the USA for George Soros and his globalist friends; many of whom are Islamist  at the United Nations.

We don't want the Constitution shredded.  We want it restored.  You are making a mockery of the rule of law.  Telling Lockeed-Martin  that violating the law by not sending out pink slip notices to its employees (until after the election) is perfectly fine.  You told them the government would cover any employee lawsuits that arise as a consequence of not following this law.

You've violated the First Amendment with your foregoing of Catholic's right to conscience.  You've tried like hell to bolster public resentment of the Second Amendment with 'Fast and Furious'.    With the  NDAA, you have trashed the Fourth Amendment making it legal to indefinitely detain citizens without due process.  The TSA violates our right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures on a regular basis!  There are many other examples of this 'banana republic'  lawlessness.

You Mr. President are not upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States!  We are tired of it.

That's why you will see record numbers of Americans out to vote in November.  Neither your lies, nor the media's bias will help you this time.  We are on to you, Mr. President, and we' are going to send you packing.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Reaction - Obama out of his League

As I sat here watching the first presidential debate between President Obama and contender, Mit Romney, I had the distinct impression Obama was angrily  thinking, 'I can't believe they took my damned prompter.  He is kicking my ass!'

Obama levied lengthy-filibustering-inaccurate-charges at Romney, calling into question his stances on a variety of domestic issues.

After each mischaracterization by Obama, Romney delivered point-by-point retorts that, in most cases, went unrefuted.  Obama was so thrashed by Romney that
at one point in the debate, the moderator seemed to attempt helping Obama answer a question.

Romney sounded prepared, well schooled, competent, and frankly, quite presidential.

Obama, on the other hand, seemed tired, defensive, nervous, and distant. It appeared to me that Obama was way out of his league.

If You'd like to see the debate yourself, visit the following link:

VIDEO - Jon Stewart Slams Obama Administration's Official Middle East violence Responses

I don't normally watch Jon Stewart, but I had to listen to this timeline of crap fed to us by the Obama administration. 

 This would actually be funny if it weren't so serious. Jon Stewart lays out the timeline of ridiculous-disjointed-dishonest official responses to questions about the middle east terrorist attacks on our embassies.

BREAKING NEWS - Uncovered New Obama Video from 2007

I didn't realize Barak Obama was a Southern Baptist preacher. Just listen to how he changed his speaking style to 'fit', pandering to, his audience. In circles he isn't used to running in (anymore) folks would say Barak Obama is "putting on a front", and "perpetrating a fraud". In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism. “The people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much!” Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. By contrast, survivors of Sept. 11 and , Wright a sum of money to shut up about Obama.Hurricane Andrew received generous amounts of aid, Obama explains. The reason? Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government considers those victims “part of the American family.”

It's amazing how Obama heaped praises on his former Pastor Wright, only to throw him under the bus for political expediency.

I seem to recall a recording of a guy claiming he was told to offer Obama's pastor, wright too keep quiet until after the 2008 election.  

Here is a portion of the story from  the Blaze: <---LINK

The New York Post on Sunday published a conversation between Wright and Klein, the latest tidbit to come from the book. In it, Wright said once his fiery sermons surfaced during the 2008 campaign, he received an email asking him not to preach until after November:

“Who sent the e-mail?” I asked Wright.
“It was from one of Barack’s closest friends.”
“He offered you money?”
“Not directly,” Wright said. “He sent the offer to one of the members of the church, who sent it to me.”
“How much money did he offer you?”
“One hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” Wright said.
Wright said he was also visited by then-Senator Obama himself, who wanted to meet in secret.

“And one of the first things Barack said was, ‘I really wish you wouldn’t do any more public speaking until after the November election.’ He knew I had some speaking engagements lined up, and he said, ‘I wish you wouldn’t speak. It’s gonna hurt the campaign if you do that.’

 Click here to read more from  The Daily Caller article: <--LINK

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Joe 'Bite-me' Biden breaks ranks speaking truth to power... That is, his own administration's power. BIDEN ADMITS MIDDLE CLASS HAS BEEN BURIED ‘OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS’. 

"Meet Richard Hayes" Video ad appealing to Morons

Whom else could this lame-ass ad appeal to if not the morons?

Powerful New anti-Obama Infanticide Ad (VIDEO)

How do you feel about children who survive abortions?  If a baby begins crying after a failed abortion  attempt, should that baby be afforded medical care as a living, breathing   individual with a right to life?

Obama doesn't think so.

Listen to this new anti-Obama ad:

Brown to Warren: "I'm Not A Student In Your Classroom"

In a debate, Elizabeth Warren hits Scott Brown with  all her talking points demonizing him for not supporting various "job"-bills.  After Warren insists on talking over Brown's response, he gives a stern rebuke that the crowd responds to.

Brown to Warren: "I'm Not A Student In Your Classroom"


Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, left, and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, right, listen to moderator David Gregory during a debate sponsored by the Boston Herald at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, Mass., Monday, Oct. 1, 2012. (Credit: AP)

(Video) Black Pastor Rebukes Democrat Party (Heard on Beck)

Please share this with everyone of your social media friends.