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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Entire Elaborate Neighborhoods built for Welfare and Foreigners

This was posted to Youtube over a year ago.  Can you believe that?  I just watched it, and let me tell you it burns my ass that the government is so generous with my money.

I'm a disabled veteran and I had to fight to get social security.  As soon as I started getting it (about $900/month), the VA stopped paying my pension!  And you have foreigners and welfare people making babies and living off my dime?!  You don't see my wife driving around in a new car.  She's driving a 92 Lumena that looks like it was in a wreck!   It has no air, she has to put water in it almost every day, the ceiling cover is falling in, the radio is defective, she can't get  it to go more than 40mph, and those free loaders are living like that driving around new cars?

No wonder this nation's work ethic is so sorry!  Why would anyone want to work if they can live like that for free?  This government is as sorry as the day is long!

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