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Monday, July 9, 2012

Veteran Explains Bureocratic Bullcrap - Imagine what ObamaCare will be like...

A retired veteran, Dennis, posted the following on a message board I maintain for Veterans and friends of Veterans<--LINK.   He talks about the idiocy of his costs for medicine.

Here is the post:

"Ready for this? 
Being a Retired Vet 
-Getting 5 Different Meds thru the VA 
-3 of 5 are Generic brand 
- Paying $9/mo = $27 for 90 days for them 
-Vs Wal Mart/CostCO? $10 for 90 days! 
- That's "Only " $17 per qtr dif or only $68 yr ! 
-x 3 Meds ? = $204 a Yr Difference. 

But to get them Outside the VA? The VA Dr.'s Won't Write Scripts to take to Wal Mart or use outside the VA, so you have to get a Non VA-Private Dr., pay them for the Visit, Etc. First.. 

Is this nice? "

Conservablogger comment:

That is sad isn't it?  why cant veterans have scripts written for them so they can get the less expensive WalMart medicine?  Probably because some stupid bureaucrat is getting kickbacks from drug suppliers to buy the medications at a higher prices.  Why else would  the VA care where Veterans get their prescriptions filled?   Any thoughts on this?

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