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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obama Mocked the Bible and our Nation's Christians

What can be said about this?  He mocks the framwork of our society and the institution of civility.  When he addresses groups in public, all references to Jesus (crosses, statues etc) must be removed or covered.

The rumor mill has it that even the funeral ceremonies have changed.  No longer does the folded flag get passed to the widow with the soldier stating something to the effect, "...from the president of the United States and a grateful nation..."  The part about "from the President of the United States" has been replace with another official's title.

It would not surprise me if this rumor were true.  I don't trust this president as far as I can see him.  

In my opinion, he's not looking our for the health and welfare of our republic.  In my opinion, he is pushing  us toward a global governance.

They are employing unbelievable technology to spy on us, the citizens.  They are classifying people who "love liberty" as potential terrorists.

Anyway, here is the video of Obama mocking the Bible and our nation's Christians.

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