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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soros Promotes U.N. Gun Control Mainstreams Propaganda through Mediamatters

Below, I reference an article, written by Joe Wolverton, II
that was posted on  infowars

Here are some pull quotes:

"Top officials from the United Nations, the United States, and other high profile supporters have repeatedly and clearly said that the treaty does not aim to restrict anyone’s “freedom to own” a gun. Indeed, the UN General Assembly’s resolution on the treaty makes clear that countries will “exclusively” maintain the right within their borders to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownerships.”

Constitutionalists will instantly notice a couple of red flags raised by Media Matters’ word choice. 

First, there need be no quotation marks around the phrase freedom to own a gun. Americans should enjoy the unqualified right to bear arms and it is not some antiquated idea or some unicorn-like mythical creature that requires special punctuational treatment. Americans are well aware that an unarmed citizenry is easier to subdue and will rightly resist all efforts to abridge that right."

Conservablogger Comment:
I have already noted numerous news stories and human interest stories related to young children being killed due to drive-bye shootings and crossfire incidents.  I suppose we'll begin seeing more of these type stories on the big 3.  What the UN and its globalist cohorts need to know is that the United State's Citizens don't recognize their ability to give, allow us to keep,  nor take away any of our God given rights.

Once we allow them to say they are "Letting" us "have a gun", we  are giving them the authority to take them away.  It's quite a word game they are playing.

They have no say in the matter, just as the article states.  

I think Soros wants to see Americans disarmed.  We would then be easier prey to his goal of a world wide open society... a world with no national sovereignty.

We can not allow them to dismantle our constitution.  They have been chipping away at it for some time and much of it, I fear, has been discarded by our 'leaders'.

What are your thoughts?

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