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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arpatio Brings New Evidence of Birth certificate Fraud - Media wasn't Interested

It can't surprise anyone that the media didn't want to look at the evidence Joe brought forward yesterday.  It is, therefore, up to us to keep pounding our senators, congressmen, friends and relatives with emails, tweets facebook, and face-to-face that this information is out here.

The media, at yesterday's press conference, shifted the focus of the conference from Arpatio's evidence, to his cold case posse's personnel. This is a shame and a failure of the press' responsibility to the people.

We deserve better!  Shame on those who don't have the guts to look at this; to look at the truth.  Shame on them!

Go to to read the Full TEXT of the article chronicling yesterday's press conference.

From the article:

“The case is closed on the birth certificate from our point of view, because we’ve gone the extra mile now,” he said.

He pointed out that two computer experts, independently of each other, have performed over 600 tests each.

“Both came to the same conclusion – that the document has been manipulated,” Zullo said.

On top of that, he said is the discovery of birth certificate coding information that was confirmed by the registrar who allegedly signed the document presented by the White House as Obama’s birth certificate. The coding indicates information was added to the document posted by the White House. In addition, investigators found Hawaii’s law presents a national security risk, enabling people not born in the U. S. to obtain a Hawaii birth certificate.

He said Congress has shown no interest in the case, but the sheriff is still pursuing that avenue.

“We’ve been told from behind the scenes that nobody in Congress wants to touch it,” Zullo said.
---------------End of Wind Quote----------------

Is Obama constitutionally eligible?  Is there sufficient reason to question his eligibility?  What do you think?

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