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Friday, September 21, 2012

Incredible! Univision Grills Obama on Fast and Furious

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar.

The program under the Bush administration was Operation Wide Receiver - a "gun-tracing" (safeguards were implemented, the Mexican government was involved) program which ENDED IN 2007. There were no American casualties.

The Obama administration is responsible for Operation Fast and Furious. Two American citizens and hundreds of Mexicans are DEAD because of this administration.

The program implemented by this administration was a scheme to undermine the Second Amendment.  A bunch of deaths would occur because of 'unscrupulous American gun shops', and something would have to be done!  This is exactly what F & F was about and they can't make me believe it wasn't.

Think about it:  A gun walking program with weapons that aren't tracked?  They wanted the weapons in cartel hands and they wanted people to die.  Check out this video of Obama being dishonest to Hispanics:

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