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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama and the War on Women - video

You have to watch this entire monologue, expecially if you are a woman. There is a war on women, but not being led by the likes of Mit Romney. The truth is it's the left that is defining life for women whether they like it or not. 

Just listen:

Conservablogger Comment:

Isn't it amazing how progressives divert attention from themselves to republicans?  It is the same with the War on Poverty.  The idea wasn't to lift blacks out of poverty, it was to increase their influence over a specific population.  They broke up the black family, creating a class of government dependents. 

With women, they are decreasing the power of their buying dollar, convincing them that their main concern should be birth control and abortion, and they say republicans want to end both.

They lie in both instances.

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