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Thursday, September 20, 2012

MSM Selling out America - are Advertisers Losing Viewers too?

Am I alone?  Am I the only American out here who no longer believes anything mainstream  news reports?

We've heard in just the past year NBC reporting doctored audio tapes, we've heard mainstream reporters engage in pre-interview coordination, not designed to get the truth, but to set a specific negative  narrative.

They seldom ask Obama serious questions, and they never press him for real answers.

In my opinion, mainstream is so far in the tank with liberal bull-crap and Obama, that I sincerely despise them.  When I inadvertently land on one of the big three networks and catch myself listening to biased bull-crap-that-passes-for-reporting, I change the channel feeling ill.

So, am I alone?  Am I in a super subset of  few Americans that takes deliberate action to avoid the bull-crap of mainstream news?

I have found a few internet sites that report real news.  Here are a few:

Yes, they lean conservative but they aren't engaged in the propagation of the biggest hoax ever played on the American people, Barak Obama.  That role is being played by MSM..

Having said all this, I do switch the channel to our local MSM affiliate for my local news.  Unfortunately, I've been noticing a lot more national stories (propaganda) getting piped in to my local 30 minutes.  

The advertisers  supporting these MSM news sites must not be concerned with  viewers (like me) who are turning them off.

I think it would be a wise idea for advertisers to consider switching to some prominent nontraditional media outlets.  Don't you?

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