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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Blind Sheikh to be Released - Main Goal of Islamic Attacks on Embassy

State Department in Talks to Transfer Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to Egypt, Source Says
UPDATE TO THE BELOW STORY:  The Blaze received a response from the Justice Department regarding the notion that the Blind sheikh may be  released by "the Justice Department", saying it is   "garbage".  

The Justice Department also said the Blind sheikh was serving a life sentence in federal custody.

Beck's on-air  reply to the Justice department was, when the State Department, and the President comes out strongly denying this notion he'll be satisfied.  It was the State Department that Beck's sources pointed too, not the Justice Department.  

The justice Department is known for playing with language.  Beck said the "State Department" is negotiating the Asshole's release.  I say Asshole because I'm tired of typing "Sheikh".

Nobody accused the Justice Department of negotiating the dude's release.  So, not until the State Department comes out and answers the question will we  have  a credible answer.  

Furthermore, the Justice department has shown it will lie its ass off,  with 'Fast and Furious' being the number one example.

Read my original post below:

According to Glenn Beck's "good authority", the  U.S.  State Department is in talks with Egypt's President Morsi, of the  Muslim Brotherhood,   who says in effect, he can make the protests  stop if we release the mastermind behind the '93 world trade center bombing (the asshole known as the Blind Sheikh).

Reports say this custody transfer will happen, but not until after the election.

I find this notion to be very credible.

We better stand fast.  We are being set up.  Morsi's request of getting the blind sheikh is only one request.   Another request of Morsi, or demand of Morsi, is we have a law passed to strip Americans from speaking against Islam and the Muslim faith.

On what you know of Obama's treatment of the Constitution, how do you think he would treat this second demand?  Knowing the crappy video being blamed for the uprising is bull-crap - is a lie - it is being used by the administration to 1.  Provide cover for Obama's crappy foreign policy, and 2.  To give reason for cracking down on free speech.

America, you better wake up before it's too laate.

Talk to your friends and neighbors and relatives.  Tell them what's going on.


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