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Friday, September 14, 2012

Why is the media down on Romney's Libya Response? He Asserted Free Speech Right

Okay, I know this sounds counter-intuitive.

The media doesn't get it, but when Romney stood by the First Amendment and the Constitution  in a press conference, it ticked off Obama.  I'm sure of it.

What better for Obama than to have our free-speech right (rather than  his policies) get the blame for these  major international incidences?

Right?  Jay Carney came out today repeating, "It's the video that caused it".   The Muslim-Islamic wacos (Muslim Brotherhood)  demanding our government shut down negative speech against Muhammad,  Allah and Islam would also mean free speech could as a  Constitutional right could be shut down altogether.

Obama would love to have everything we say and do monitored and approved-disapproved.  Given who Obama has been associated with in his past and where he went to school as a child, I really wonder how Obama feels about our free speech right.

What about other governmental organizations?  George Soros and the European Union, for example?  Do you think globalists are for, or against our citizens keeping our free speech rights?

When Mit  Romney came out reinforcing and asserting the First Amendment and our Constitution, I think it ticked off  the Globalists.  And, make no mistake, the people who invented Obama are globalists.

They hate free speech.  They hate that we can freely exchange ideas on the internet and in other media.  This is why I suspect the video is a manufactured tool of our government.

I could be wrong on this, but watch how the Obama administration and the Islamic extremists act in concert to weaken our free speech rights.

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