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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama Collectivist - Obama vision of a Communist America

It's no wonder that  Obama (the great orator)  had such a difficult time repeating his oath of office when he was sworn in almost 4 years ago.  Given his prooven ideology and numerous statements, he had no intention of supporting and defending the Constitution.

This president has no respect for our governing document and believes the government should be all powerful at the expense of the people.  His view of our nation, and yes, his plan for our nation is to bring us all in line; submissive to a central government and answering to no one.

Watch this video of Andrew Wilkow as he breaks down Obama's ideology - in Obama's own words.

You can watch Wilkow's entire shows each night at the Blaze Tv - .  You can subscribe for a 2 week free trial.  There is other great programming there.  I also like, "Real News from the Blaze.  Those folks are so smart and experienced and don't peddle garbage for news.  They are smart and they speak to us like we are smart too.  They don't baby their audience with nonsense like MSM.


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