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Friday, July 22, 2016

WATCH; Donald Trump's RNC Speech (FULL VERSION)

This is a speech Donald Trump needed to make, and the left immediately began to characterize it as "dark".

I watched the coverage on PBS and the pundits crafted quick talking points.  This morning, NBC tossed more talking points into the wind by stating that Trump talked about doing so much but didn't lay out how he was going to pay for it.  NBC comments also said Trump was going to pursue  an isolationist  policy because he would "bring jobs back to... (the USA)."

Trumps daughter spoke just before her father's speech.  You can bet her speech won't get fair coverage by mainstream because she advanced the truth that her dad pays men equal to women in his companies. 

In this speech, trump acknowledged the horror  committed on the LGBT community by an Islamic terrorist.


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