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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Progressives Influencing the Methodist Church?

I'm not sure what to do with this information.  I go to a Methodist Church in Louisiana.  I've been going there since I moved into my new town and was already familiar with some of the church members because of  men's retreats I had attended.

As part of attending this church, I started going to Sunday schoo..    My previous church didn't have "Sunday School" for adults so I thought it would be interesting.

Sunday School at this church involved watching a video, then having a discussion.  The same video would be played for at least 2 Sundays in a row.  

The first video I watched had to do with "many traditions" in many different churches.  The speaker invited us to explore how they differ n our own experience.

Last week we were asked (in terms of how much money or stuff we own) "How much is enough?"   Today e were shown a video that seemed to invite us to share what we have with others.   

Of and to themselves, these are attitudes that should be applauded, but I seened to detect a sinister undertone in what I was hearing.  Today I heard some red-flag-words:  Immigration reform, economic equality, and "the collective".

Communism has never been known to work as a social and economic framework... that's why it has been so rejected by our fore fathers.  

Communists have re-branded themselves as, "progressives".  This is what I thought I was hearing in my sunday school lesson. Capitalism is bad, communism is good.  This isn't an overt claim by the creators of the lessons, but it is inferred as we are brow-beat for having excessive stuff.

The Methodist church I attend is teaching from a SPARKHOUSE publication called the "animate journal" by Carly Barnhill and Tony Jones.

Tony Jones is one of the founders of the Progressive Youth Ministry.  This is a ministry that brings liberal youth together  to discuss stuff like engaging the community.  This guy is an activist.  He has a buddy, Doug Pagitt who contributed
to this publication and helped start the Progressive youth ministry.  Pagitt is the pastor of a church called, "Solomon's porch" which is screening a movie this month called, "This way forward:  A trans-Love story" featuring a teen who is trans gendered.

The people who contributed to this book are social engineers.  We have creative directors, brand strategists, narrative specialists, wordsmiths, strategic communication consultants and others who engage in veiled communist propaganda... reshaping and reframeing what it means to be a Christian.

It feels like the lessons are designed to indoctrinate a communist attitude... not help us improve our relationship with the LORD.  

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