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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Union Militants Trheaten Superbowl

From the Conservablogger inbox -

The following e-mail was sent to me today Feb. 4, 2012.

"Stunned that Indiana is now a Right to Work state, and seething with anger, Indiana union bosses are threatening to unleash their fury at Sunday's Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

The Big Labor hierarchy and their allies are fuming that union bosses will no longer be able to force Indiana workers into dues-paying ranks after the Hoosier State enacted the nation's 23rd Right to Work law on Wednesday.

"Why aren't states scrambling to embrace right-to-work laws?" one economic analyst asked this week.

"Fear of Big Labor," she answered.

Big Labor's intimidation racket is on full display right now in Indiana.

"You can tell them we'll take the Super Bowl and shove it," one Teamster union boss threatened.

He later told a local TV station that union militants plan to parks trucks to prevent football fans from entering and leaving the stadium -- a despicable threat that if carried out could pose a serious danger to public safety.

"This is a life-or-death struggle," one forced-unionism sympathizer absurdly claimed -- in opposition to a bill that simply ensures that no worker can be compelled to join or pay dues to a labor organization as a condition of employment.

That's a principle supported by nearly 80 percent of Americans -- including union members themselves.

Protest, of course, is a fundamental exercise of First Amendment rights to speech and association.

Tea Party activists and other concerned citizens have peacefully rallied to protest Obamacare and other Big Labor-backed expansions of government power.

But what union thugs are threatening isn't just another protest.  

If cooler heads prevail by Sunday, football fans attending the game and the tens of millions of Americans watching at home will surely be relieved.

But it's deeply troubling -- and telling -- how quickly union tyrants and their allies will resort to threats and intimidation to protect Big Labor's forced-dues power over American workers.

The Giants are taking on the Patriots on Sunday. But there's another battle going on outside the stadium and all over the country, a battle about power versus freedom.

No matter who you're rooting for in the game on Sunday, it's clear that the union militants are on the wrong side.

Mark Mix

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