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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GBTV Episode Alert - Big Trouble on Southern Border

GBTV aired a disturbing episode of its internet based television show Tuesday evening  drawing attention to the horrific atrocities occurring on our nation’s southern border.

We were shown photographs.  Unspeakable evil is in our  country and we must call evil by its name.

Meanwhile, instead of focusing on this type thing, the feds have redefined who terrorists are and find more of a problem with American Christians who choose to live their faith and profess a desire to defend the constitution.  I can't remember the name they used for these people, something like "off the grid Americans" - in effect.  These were described by Beck as Americans who don't like taxes, oppose government mandates... and other stuff that basically describes you and me.

Why else would a president want a provision put in the NDAA that gives the military the power to detain any American citizen who is “suspected” of terrorism?

Getting back to Glenn Beck’s show…

Did you know there are public federal lands along the border that go unprotected because of environmental regulation?

One border patrol agent (BPA) was shot, and the medivac helicopter wasn’t allowed to fly in to get him. They had to ride in on horseback!

Did you know BPAs on the border have found Islamic prayer rugs, and that evidence points to thousands of OTNs Other than Mexican Nationals cross the border every year for the past 10 years?

The executive branch of the United States Government  is guilty of dereliction of duty for not securing our borders!  If this isn't criminal, it should be.!

And, mainstream media is an accomplice for not meeting their responsibility to the people as the free press.  Instead, they are the progressive mouthpiece.

The pictures shown were dismembered bodies:  Just torsos… several of them lined up in the back of an SUV… arms, legs and heads… GONE!

We were shown a “rape tree” that had the training bra and pantees of some young girl attached to its trunk and branches.

A crate of heads was delivered to a police station in a town close to the border in Mexico with a note that indicated this would happen to them if they caused problems for the cartels.

There is evidence that Islamic terrorists are colluding with the drug cartels… this is evidenced by the style of many killings, beheadings, the skinning of people (picture shown I couldn’t look), the prayer rugs, Islam Martyr booklets and more.

The ex-border patrol agent Glenn Beck interviewed stated that large portions of our northern border with Canada is now open.

In Montana they only have a few agents and they’ll be pulled soon.  Did you know that?

What is our government doing?  Is it fulfilling the mandates as expressed in each of their oaths of office?

How many environmental “regulations” are imposed by an unelected official?

Did you know a weapon of mass destruction is suspected to have been smuggled across our southern border a couple years ago?  If I heard right, it is suspected to be enough anthrax to kill 250,000 people.

So, you sleep tonight knowing that the president is crapping all over the constitution, one of our “Supreme” court justices has been globe trotting trashing it, they are allowing illegal aliens, including terrorists to cross into America, and you think about the Media and how it keeps you occupied with bull crap, “Watch this hand… look here… look here.”  Meanwhile the other hand is stabbing you right in the back.

You lay down tonight and ask yourself how you feel about this situation.

You can’t vote Obama this year.  I wish he was the man many thought he was, but he is the proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing.

Maybe he is a nice guy, I don’t know.  What I believe, however, is that he is anti-constitution.  He calls it a …”charter of negative liberties”.  No, Mr. President.  It gives us all our liberties, and restricts government.  It acknowledges that our rights are unalienable and come to us from God.  Since they come to us from God, not you, not anyone can take them away. 

Now, if you were to write us a new constitution, I’m sure you would  include this “God principal” huh?  I mean it ain’t like you never left God out of anything.  Right?

But, if by  slim chance  a new constitution didn’t contain the “God principal” would the spelled out positive liberties be “unalienable”?

He is a smart man, but he’s using his smarts to undermine our liberty.  We can’t allow him to divide us any longer.  Blacks, whites, Latino, all faiths, wealthy, well off, and poor, we have to stand for Liberty.

The process of standing begin by being faithful and obedient to God.  I vow that I will do this.  Won’t you?

(pardon the typos)

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