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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PA Conservatives (Tea Party folks) Railroaded by Establishment Republicans?

From the Conservablogger inbox:

Dear Conservative,
If I told you that the Pennsylvania Republican Party threw members of the Tea Party out of the PA State Convention, threatened those Tea Partiers with arrest, threw their petitions in the trash, and then endorsed a recent Democrat who voted for Obama as our candidate for Senate, you wouldn't believe it.
But that's exactly what happened at this year's Pennsylvania Republican Convention. 
You see, here in Pennsylvania, the GOP often makes a formal endorsement before the Primary. Essentially, they try to tell primary voters who to vote for. Then they deny all the other candidates access to party voter lists and opportunities to speak to or to circulate literature at party events. They even use party money to run negative ads against other “non-endorsed” Republicans that dare to run against them. Worst of all, the Republican County Committees are told that if they don't enforce all of this, they'll have their charter revoked from the Republican Party!
This is an outrageous thing to do to the grassroots. Will you help me fight back?
We launched an online petition, urging the chairman of the state GOP to stay out of the primary and let the people decide. Nearly 1,600 people from across Pennsylvania signed this petition in just a little under a week. When the members of the Tea Party went to present these 1,600 petitions, the Pennsylvania GOP staff refused to let them deliver their petitions, had them THROWN OUT of the building by hotel security, and then literally threw their petitions in the trash. I was shocked – and angered. The Tea Party folks were told that if they came back they would be arrested!
After throwing the Tea Partiers and their petitions out, the Republican Party proceeded to endorse a candidate who admits he voted for Obama in the 2008 Primary. He also wrote a check to a liberal Democrat who later ran against our conservative Republican Senator, Pat Toomey in 2010!
Endorsing a recent Democrat who supported Obama alienates Tea Partiers, freedom-loving people, and everyone else we need to defeat Senator Bob Casey. This is suicide for the Republican Party.
I am the only life-long Constitutional Republican with a consistent voting history in this race who can win. Two of the current candidates were Democrats until recently. That's not good enough.
I am a proud Reagan conservative. I served for 18 years in the PA House, and I never made an unconstitutional vote. During my service, I regularly introduced complete alternate budgets - without any taxes increases or deficit spending. I was never afraid to stand up to leadership in Harrisburg, and that won't change when I go to Washington.
Situations may change, principles never do. I'm going to DC to help renew trust in government by restoring truth and to dismantle the oppressive Obama agenda. I will be proud to stand with Senators like Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, and Tom Coburn.
But I need your help to get there. If the PA GOP has their way, Pennsylvanians will nominate a candidate who voted for Obama! For the sake of PA and the nation, that must not happen!
We're going to send a message to the moderate GOP establishment that “The People" want to be heard and want a proven conservative in the Senate. Will you join me?
Thanks for your support.
For America,
Sam Rohrer
Conservative Republican, Pennsylvania 


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