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Monday, July 30, 2012

(6 Videos) Some Sights and Sounds of Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Love' - I'm Sure God was watching too!

Wow!  I've tried writing a review of sorts three times already and I haven't been able to  find the words that accurately define what went down in and around Dallas Texas last weekend.

I already posted a speaker fom Thursday's Freepac conference here at conservablogger; that conference was awesome.

Friday was the day of service.  Approximately  30,000 people assembled in Dallas to serve their fellow man.  About 305 different projects were worked on.  Some cleaned and repaired a run down park.  Some filled trucks with donated food, some repaired the air conditioner of a church that hadn't worked in 2 years.  Other volunteers widened the front door of a wheelchair-bound woman so she could get through her door with her chair.

There was a meeting Friday night called, 'Indivisible Under God'.  This was awesome too.  Preachers of many differing denominations and religions spoke about what unites us, rather than what divides us.  We were reinforced through the examples of a ' new black robe regimen' that our differences can (and must) be put aside for the greater good of our republic and our souls.

Finally, the'[ Restoring Love'  event Saturday night surpassed my expectations.  I actually didn't know what to expect, though I should have since I've been watching his programs for 4 years now.

His messages seemed theme based to me (Not necessarily in this order)   1.  History  2.  Honor  3.  Courage 4. Truth  5.  Service 6.  Love

If I missed some, I apologize.  The point is, the event was multi-faceted.  The music was fantastic.

Incidentally, Beck had approximately 30 million dollars worth of artifacts on stage with him.  He spoke of each with passion and conviction.  Not only did he use these artifacts to tell us about specific people and events, he wisely used them to make a fairly  simple point.  We can (and will) shape the history we are currently creating; as patriots had done in the past.

Allow me to share some videos with you.  The following videos were from 'Restoring Love'.  If you don't already, I suggest to you to join GBTV.<--LINK  The premium version is only $9.99/mo.  You can see every event spoken of above on demand.

They opened with a Prayer:

A Short film Created by Beck's Company shown at 'Restoring Love'. This is a depiction of two men on the Mayflower who felt the weight and promise of God's grace. Listen to the words...

Next, Glenn talks about bending history - by showing us history...

Next, Beck talks about feeding the hungry, and helping the sick even if prohibited by any government. We will not comply, we will serve! We are Americans!

Glenn talks about the one million meals that were donated by Beck's viewers. He speaks of the 11 cities whose soup kitchens will be filled with food. He also encourages all of us to lift eachother up with culture, actions and love.

Next is a terrific song. Give it a listen...

Finally, I want to tell you, mainstream media barely covered this event with like one or two stations. When it did get mentioned, it wasn't fairly represented. I want to set the record strait: There were a lot of people there, and something important happened. I think, perhaps, love WAS restored. I felt it.

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