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Friday, July 20, 2012

GMA irresponsibly floats 'Tea Party' Link to Colo. Shooter 'Jim' Holms

See what I mean about mainstream media dishing out liberal bull crap?  This is from Good Morning America, a supposed responsible news source... Please....

It can't go unsaid and unexpressed that the tragic events of last Evening saddens me and  breaks my heart.

I plan on keeping the victims and their families/friends in my prayers.

I must say, I wonder about the use of the CS (tear) gas.  Why did he use it?

I have some  theories:

1.  He wanted to help ensure that any potentially armed moviegoers would be ineffective at returning fire.
and 2.  Psychologically he enjoyed the benefit of being the only person in the theater who had a clear purposeful  mind.

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