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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cruz Kicks GOP Establishment ass in Lone Star State

That's right ladies and gentlemen.  I just quickly scanned an article from Yahoo that pointed out much of what folks like us already know.  But, when I saw Cruz had won, I jumped for joy!

We know Ted Cruz was the Tea Party pick.  We knew his opponent was 'supposed ' to be a shoe-in.  We know his opponent out spent Cruz by a country mile,.  Yet, alas, his opponent lost big.  

This should put the GOP establishment  on notice.  The Tea Party is far from dead.  That said, the Tea Party will attempt to unseat any candidate, GOP or otherwise, who will not vote according to the will of those they represent, and according to what's best for The health of our Republic.

The vast majority of American tax payers are sick and tired of both parties running roughshod over the Constitution while spending us into bankruptsy.  We understand the relationship between unsustainable debt and the loss of liberty.  We understand that a bunch of communist-progressive-pukes and RINOS have taken our country down the wrong road.  Well it's high time 'we the people' stand up and make our voices heard.

The Tea Party is all about prosperity for all Americans.  Black, white, male and female; all benefit from a nation that is free and unencumbered by massive debt.  

Yes, we have begun to clean house.  May I suggest that representatives desiring to keep their seats start  making serious strides to reduce the deficit and public debt.

We the people  are watching you.

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