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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Thank GOD Donald J. Trump won the presidential election!

I'm glad, but I'm so concerned about the half of America who voted for the opposition's (supposed)  criminal candidate.

If Clinton won the popular vote as networks say she has, the majority of Americans actually LIKE what Hillary stands for!

This is troubling.

Why don't more than half the nations voters see the danger i what clinton stands for.  How can half the nation choose to be ruled by a corrupt media, corrupt justice department, corrupt state department and corrupt executive branch?  

I'll tell you why.  The media, the populist-mainstream-in-the-taknk-liberal-media-musicians-basketball-playing-Saturday-night-live-applauding -morons believe what they see and hear.  They are lazy folks, for the most part who don't really know the issues.  They only know the ideology without intelligence.

Anyway, I'm so glad Trump won.

What a blessing.

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