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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


From the Conservablogger INBOX  via Dick Morris:

UN Gun Control Is Back!
Published on on October 23, 2012

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Dear Friend,
After a wave of outrage stopped President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from signing the proposed UN Gun Control Treaty (called the UN Arms Trade Treaty), the treaty advocates are back with a devilish new strategy!

As we warned in Here Come the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, the gun control advocates won't stop trying to impose gun controls on the United States through an international treaty to override the Second Amendment.
The plan was to sign the treaty on July 27th in New York, but you sent 700,000 emails through our web site ( alone to the Senate and that led 51 Senators to urge Hillary not to sign.  She backed off and the negotiations ended.

Now advocates of the Treaty, as we predicted, are back and have introduced a resolution in the UN General Assembly calling for the resumption of negotiations and outlining a new procedure to get it passed even if the US objects.

Under their plan -- likely to be approved later this month by the General Assembly -- the negotiators are not going to seek consensus (read: U.S. approval) but will write the Treaty as they please and introduce it to the General Assembly for approval.  If two-thirds of the Assembly vote for the treaty (a foregone conclusion), then it will be submitted to the nations of the world for signature and ratification.  Nobody will be able to change the Treaty, they have the option of signing or not.

When sixty nations have signed, the Treaty will take effect and be binding on those who have signed and ratified it.

Here's the rest of the plan:  After the election is over, Obama and Hillary will probably sign the Treaty.  They then won't submit it for ratification since, under the Vienna Convention, it takes effect automatically on their signature even without Senate ratification.  That means that the Treaty takes full effect unless one of two things happen:

(a)  Either the Senate votes to kill the Treaty, or

(b)  The president or a future president renounces it

The first option won't happen.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won't permit the Treaty to come up for a vote in the lame duck Senate session that begins after Election Day.  He knows it would lose.  So, as long as Obama is president and he doesn't renounce the Treaty, it will take effect without Senate action.

We need to mobilize to stop this end run around our Constitution.  Once the Arms Trade Treaty is signed by Obama, it will open the door to international gun controls imposed by the Geneva-based enforcers of the Treaty.

(Nominally, the Treaty bars the exportation of small arms by private individuals or companies to foreign countries.  But, in its enforcement, it obliges signatory countries to require registration of the small arms in their citizens' possession.  And, if that fails to stop the export of small arms, it empowers the global body to take further steps, likely to include prohibition and confiscation.

Please sign this petition to stop the Arms Trade Treaty.  We succeeded before in forcing a postponement, now let's stop the Treaty and kill it entirely.

To do this, please send this email all over the place so it goes viral and we get millions of emails to deluge the Senate, the President, Hillary, and the UN.

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