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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Conservablogger: Post Oct. 16 Debate Reaction

I sat here, eyes glued to the monitor watching and  listening to President Obama lie his ass off. 

As the night went on I wondered where these questions came from.  Whose ideas were these questions? 

None of the questions forced Obama to acknowledge his failures.  This said, Obama didn't offer any new ideas fixing the state of the union.  I didn't expect him to.  

 I think he would have been better suited to run against himself; admitting his shortcomings and offering some new ideas.

The problem with this is that he has to separate himself from Mit Romney and please his base.

Mit Romney busted out Obama on Obama's own Chinese investments, and Cayman Island accounts to which Obama surely didn't want to discuss.  Obama seemed to know where Romney was going when he went back to the topic of Chinese investment issue that Obama brought up.  So what happen?   Obama tried like hell to shut down  Romney's remarks on this issue.  The moderator stepped in to bail out Obama, but not before we discovered Obama has his own Chinese and Cayman Island accounts.

I wanted to hear more of Obama's explanation of the Benghazi explanation, but once they started in discussing it, the moderator again bailed out Obama.

That said, I still think Romney did a great job of hanging the record of the last four years around Obama's head for all to see.

Romney repeated several times, "23 million out of work, 47 million on food stamps, 1 in 6 in poverty", and he stressed that we don't have to settle for this.  His sincerity  was much more believable than Obama's.

Romney's responses at times sounded as if he really understands why America is declining. 

I am bias against Obama.  I think he's offering us a progressive disease.  He has infected our government with a hatred and an ideology that is causing our nation, our republic, to be ill.  

If he were honest while he campaigned 4 years ago, what would he have said?

"When I'm President, I won't know what my Justice Department is doing, I won't know what my State Department is doing, I'm going to shut down the space shuttle program, I won't know what my Secret Service is doing, I'm going to Ram Healthcare down your throats (even if you don't want ti), I'm going to wage war against the Constitution with department regulations, I'm going to shut down the Coal industry, double the price of gasoline and regulate the hell out of small businesses.  

I'm going to co-opt the media, I'm going to file suit against states that attempt to deal with illegal immigration, I'm going to remove the border patrol from major portions of our Northern and Southern borders attributing the changes to environmental concerns, and I'm going to remove the bullets form border patrol's guns.

Not only that, I'm going to sign a bill into law that gives me the power to detain American citizens without charge and without due process.  I have big plans for America's fundamental transformation.  Just you wait.

If he were honest, he'd say things like this.  

The more I think about tonight's debate, the better I feel about it.  I think Romney exposed Obama again for the terrible leader he is.

What do you think?

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