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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jim Graves - a 'Grave' Mistake for Minnesota Voters

To the voters of Minnesota:  Voting for Jim Graves would be a 'GRAVE' MISTAKE.  We don't need any more folks in Washington DC lacking moral and patriotic character.

We surely do not need more Democrats in Congress!  Democrats today are nothing more than Communists with a different name.

We don't need folks who plan to redistribute and diminish America's wealth.

How can I say this?  Look at what's been happening over the past several years.   

We need honest fiscal conservatives holding that post, not a Marxist in disguise... that is, in disguise until you see his voting record).

If you are smart, Minnesota voters, you'll keep Michele Bachman in office.  It's evident to me that she stands for the truth, even when the truth isn't popular.  She's courageous, not a coward like that liar, Jim Graves.

Bachman has the kind of character we need in Washington. 

Check out Michele Bachman's new ad refuting the lies coming coming from the Graves' campaign.

If you would like to contribute to Michele Bachman's Campaign, she could really use the help. CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE TO MICHELE BACHMAN'S CAMPAIGN.

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