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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is Alex Jones Full of it?

Jones, a syndicated radio shock jock,  claims that global criminals are surging to subdue America and fold her into a  new world order.

A recent story brought to light  a National Guard whistle blower explains how the Texas National guard is planning to confiscate weapons and treat  doomsday preppers as terrorists.

The whistle blower said they are preparing for the take over of gas stations and grocery stores.

If true, this is disturbing.  We will have to go through the government for anything we need.

Is this possible?  Is it possible that our own government could be conspiring in such a way as this?

I suggest looking at  the Alex Jones web site, and taking a look at his evidence.  Read his stories and decide for your self.

If this is true, why would the government taarget Prepers?  I think because they would be best able to resist a need to fall in lock step with the government's demands.

Think about it.  I know ; I feel like I know something is not right with this government.  Is this why?  Is this what's wrong?

Why has the government purchased 1.3 billion hollow point bullets?  This is something to think about.

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