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Sunday, May 26, 2013


We have two converging paranormal elements here.  The first story is that a UFO may have visited here as shown on the film.   The other element of the story is the supposed haunted barn.

It is difficult to ascertain from the photographs that the object was hovering directly overhead.  Simply because the woman was visiting the barn, doesn't mean, necessarily, that the UfO is there visiting as well.

This news report seems to be mocking the woman's account by invoking an "area 51" label as heard by an interviewee.

I don't see the connection to Area 51, unless the United States government is now studying ghosts.

The object isn't a clear picture.  It looks a little like a blimp to me.  But, the local airport would have had a record of a blimp being in the area.

So, I'm not willing to automatically link the two paranormal elements together unless I had more data.

If the woman is to be taken at her word, the object did hover over the barn.  Now, I find it remarkable that her camera  malfunctioned after taking only a couple pictures.

What are your thoughts?

Here's the video:

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