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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The list of  conservative groups and other philosophical opponents of Progressivism and liberalism saying they had been subject to IRS misconduct, harassment and intimidation is growing longer every day.

As a civil matter, it only seems right (to me)  to have as many plaintiffs as possible band together in one massive lawsuit and go after the IRS - as an entity- and/or the individual IRS employees whom perpetrated this outrageous misconduct.

Much has been said in the news, Fox News in particular, on this matter, and some have commented that many of these same IRS activists will be in charge of enforcing ObamaCare.

And activists are exactly what the IRS criminals are.

Consider how the actions of the IRS may have  altered history.  If conservative groups were allowed to freely organize unencumbered  by IRS bull-crap, maybe we'd have a majority in the senate; in which case we might have been able to repeal ObamaCare - without needing the President's signature.

It's entirely possible that Mit Romney may have even won the election, had it not been for the rampant misconduct of the IRS.

Remember how many on the left were saying the Tea Party was dead They noted the Tea Party was  unable to get many of their picks elected in key districts of key key states?   I think now we have an explanation for this. 

I don't believe the Tea Party was ever dead, but IRS activists seriously wounded liberty-minded organizers' ability to organize, didn't they?

There are damages, but can the damage caused by the IRS' conduct be quantified?  If so, how much do the damages total?

This is a huge deal!  Bohner was right today in a statement.  "Who is going to Jail?"

I'd like to know the answer to that question  as well, but Tea Party and other victims of the IRS should be paid restitution and punitive damages should be levied against the IRS.

The best way I see this happening is through a class action type  lawsuit with a jury of peers.

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  1. Is there going to be a lawsuit??? I have proof I was unfairly treated; and as a conservative I feel they came after me on purpose.