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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Mr. Open-and-transparent is having a difficult week, isn't he?  Isn't it amazing that with  every scandal, rogue-low-level and isolated perpetrators are fingered such that  no dirt is seen on their own hands?

Think back when the Tea Party was holding rally's on a regular and public basis.  They have one guy shouting racial slurs (planted might I add) and the left's media and the Obama administration do everything possible to make that one guy representative of the Tea Party as a whole.

Most business owners are fine-upstanding citizens who pay more than their fair share of taxes, and they freely give to charities.  We hear of isolated bad practices by corporations that managed to run a ponzi scheme and the administration uses that to characterize all corporations and use it to advance their agenda.

Look at the gun control issue. Firearm crimes have been dropping every year.  Does this administration characterize recent mass shootings as isolated incidences?  Did the administration want to find out what happened before making any rash decisions that would affect the vast majority of law-abiding and gun-owing citizens?  No!  He immediately impugned all gun owners as incapable of  being responsible or trusted.  

What about the DeepWater Horizon?  That was an isolated incident for sure.  Yet, the Obama administration used it to shut down ALL drilling in the Gulf of Mexico with a moratorium.

The administration didn't reassure America by acknowledging it as an isolated event. He used British Petroleum to characterize all oil companies and needing government scrutiny.  The shutdown caused the price of crude to increase and sent thousands of drilling jobs out of the country, both of which I think were fine with Obama.

Here's another illustration of  the Obama administration's selective targeting, or protection:  The abortion debate.  Just this week, Kermit Gosnell was convicted and sentenced  for first degree murder of babies in an abortion clinic.  Did Obama, being concerned for the proven  humanitarian atrocities issue a moratorium on all abortion clinics until they are thoroughly investigated?  No, they actually, completely ignore the story as a non-event.

In other words, this administration uses isolated events as batons to beat all Americans who disagree with his agenda, into submission. 

But when issues come up like the IRS  Scandal, the AP Scandal, and the Benghazi Scandal, they expect that we shouldn't impugn the entire administration. "It was a couple low-level employees", "I never saw the report", or "I had no knowledge of anything".  

Do you believe them?

The left accuses conservatives of engaging in wars on women, gays, Latinos and Islamists?  We know this isn't true.  Those are narratives the left (and this administration) has advanced.

If it is acceptable accuse conservatives of engaging in so-called 'wars', then I can say this administration is engaging in a war on the American people - at least those of us who stand for the Constitution and the rule of law.

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