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Monday, August 6, 2012

Obama wants Control over Internet and You're the Target!

Reported at Godfather Politics today -

The president wants “private companies” to share information with the government. There are a lot of private companies that are very liberal. Could they try to sabotage conservative companies by claiming that they are involved in anti-government rhetoric?


Conservablogger comment:

In the wake of the recent shootings, the shootings in Wisconsin particularly, I think its likely they'll try to create a connection between the internet and the shooter.

I think, just as they jumped to 'the Tea Party link' of the Aurora shooter, they'll attempt to use the Wisconsin issue to advance a political agenda.  That said, you'd think they'd use it to restrict legal gun purchases, which they are actually talking about, but obliquely they could use the incident to impune conservative internet writers.

You know, 'Those evil bloggers writing lies about liberals and Obama.  And, most white conservative backwater males (as seen by the Wisconsin shooting) are too stupid to differentiate between Sikh practitioners and Muslims, much less  able to sift through the terabytes of information posted on line.  We need regulation!'

They'll propose some insane argument like that and push it hard.  They can't let a tragedy go to waste, you know.

There are stupid-ignorant-foolish-evil-people out there.

They act as if something can really be done to stop them.  All we can do is try to identify people in our lives who need nelp.

We have to be willing to step forward and stop destructive behavior.  What we can't do is punish everyone for the actions of a few.

We can't allow the government the ability to infringe upon the rights and liberty of law abiding citizens... no matter what the cost.

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