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Monday, August 13, 2012

Breaking News - IRS Power Grab will Heavily Fine businesses whose States Opt out of ObamaCare Exchanges

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"Fellow Patriot,

One area of ObamaCare where state governors have been able to fight back against this government take-over of our private health care decisions is through rejecting the law's state-based health care exchanges.

In the past few months, we asked you to urge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to veto a bill that would have created an exchange in the Garden State.  You did, and Christie vetoed the measure.  In doing so, he joined other leaders on this vital issue such as Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Florida Gov. Rick Scott in rejecting the ObamaCare exchange scam.

Now the IRS is attempting to illegitimately rewrite the law to force states that lawfully opted out back in by allowing subsidies to flow through federal exchanges.

And the IRS is claiming companies must pay penalty taxes of thousands of dollars per employee — even if their state lawfully opted out. It’s literally taxation without representation — and it’s happening in secret, without the American people having a voice.
Click here to join us and our friends at American Commitment in urging the U.S. Senate to stop the IRS' power grab.

Why reject the exchanges?  Because these federally-regulated "exchanges" will replace the individual market in health care with crony collusion between insurance companies and bureaucrats. While some have argued that states should launch their own exchanges in order to mitigate ObamaCare's effects, these compliant states will be disappointed when they find they've only aided and abetted a federal top-down takeover.
Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 48 (S.J. Res. 48) to overturn this outrageous IRS power grab and allow states to exercise their lawful power to opt out of Obama’s health care subsidies and employer taxes.
Click here to sign support Sen. Johnson's effort to rein in the out-of-control IRS and stop this unlawful power grab on behalf of ObamaCare.

We can stop this. We only need 30 Senators to support Sen. Johnson's measure to force a full Senate vote on overturning this outrageous IRS power grab. And this measure can pass with just 51 votes because the resolution is protected from filibuster.

This means that, if this measure passes the Senate, President Obama would be forced to veto the measure if he wanted to continue to allow the IRS to continue this illegitimate action.

Please click here and join us and American Commitment in supporting Sen. Johnson's resolution and help us stop the out-of-control IRS for forcing states to accept ObamaCare's exchanges.
                                                                    Thank you,
                                                                    Heather R. Higgins
                                                                    President & CEO
                                                                    Independent Women's Voice

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