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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

President Obama Answers Questions at WH Briefing 8/20/12 (video)

Following the White House spokes boy, the president comes out to answer questions.

This appearance to the Washington Press Corps is the first one held by Obama in about 9 weeks. This is the first one held since his comment that 'the private sector was doing just fine'.

Sure he's been campaigning. Sure he's been answering questions like "what's your favorite color?" and 'What's super power do you which you had?' But, he hasn't met with regular 'news-goers' in some time.


Here's the video:

He's not asking Romney to "disclose every bit of his medical records" Obama commented.  What he wants is every bit of Romney's financial information. He only wants this  so he can point out how 'different' Romney is from everyday Americans.

Let me tell you, I hope Romney is 'way different' from everyday Americans; that is, if Obama is an example of such.

That said, it is standard stuff for presidential candidates to be vetted.  Why Obama has not been by our so-called 'media' is beyond me.

I'd love, for instance, to take a look at President Obama's college transcripts and thesis papers along with his draft card information.

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