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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nancy Pelosi's Old Man Being Sued by Former NFL Coach Dennis Green

 I seriously doubt this story will ever make the Today show or 60 minutes.  What do you think?

The Free Beacon Reports that Mr. Pelosi is being sued by former NFL Coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Dennis Green.  The article is obtusely titled...
 The Pelosis are Who We Thought They Were <---LINK

...No kidding.
"A new lawsuit brought by a former NFL coach charges the husband of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi with breach of contract.
Dennis Green, former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals, is accusing Paul Pelosi and business partner Bill Hambrecht of failing to honor the $1.5 million contract he signed to coach Pelosi’s football team, the Sacramento Mountain Lions. 
“Since January 2011, defendants … have failed to meet their contractual commitments to compensate Green at the amount required under his contract,” the suit states.
Green uprooted his family from their native San Diego, withdrew his children from school, and purchased a new home in Sacramento after he inked the lucrative deal with Pelosi and Hambrecht.
“[The team] acted willfully, intentionally, and maliciously in order to fraudulently induce Green to move from his home in San Diego,” the suit says. “[He] carried out the responsibilities of his contract in justifiable reliance upon Hambrecht’s promises that he would stand behind thecommitments of UFL.”
A league spokesman declined to comment on the suit".

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