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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Releases 'Hilarious' Romney 'conspiracy' Video

Listen to these yo-yos.   The dude speaks in a low-spooky-conspiratorial tone, while the lady sounds like she's whining!

They suggest Romney needs vetting?  Give me a break!

We know Romney gave a guy a haircut in 1964 for crying out loud!

Where is Obama's vetting?  Who was Obama's mentor?  (I ask this rhetorically because I know, Frank Marshal Davis - a communist who had a security file in the freaking FBI... but Romney needs vetting?  Obama put an avowed communist in his administration.  He was pals with a domestic terrorist!  There is evidence that says Obama was born in Kenya!  There are serious questions regarding Obama's birth certificate and his draft card, as well as his college admissions records... and Romney needs vetting?

This video is ridiculous and laughable! 

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