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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Louisiana Destroys nearly 1 ton of Donated Deer Meat at Homeless Shelter

Godfather Politics has reported about a story involvong deer meat that was donated to a Shreveport, Louisiana homeless shelter.

Apparently, the State of Louisians (my state) has a problem with privately-owned-and-run-charitable -organizations searving deer meat;  even when it comes to feeding the hungry at  homeless shelters.

Not only did the state seize, and trash the deer meat, they doused it with Clorox.  (I think they did this last thing just to make the point that they can).

This is the first time I can think of that I've been embarrassed by, and ashamed of,  my state.

The law may say it's illegal to searve venison, but that's a law that needs changing.

I call the state's action, here, bull-squat! (I would use the proper word for 'squat', but I don't want to get into trouble).

Venison is healthier for folks than beef.  In most cases, beef is tempered with growth hormones and had grazed on toxic-pesticide-sprayed farm fields. Wild deer have few, little or none, of these tainting  influences.

Here is a link to the story... CLICK HERE.

From the Article:


Hunters and homeless people in Louisiana are righteously outraged after state health officials forced a homeless shelter to throw out nearly a ton of perfectly good venison.
The meat that had been donated to the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission could have fed more than 3,000 people. Instead, it was tossed in trash bins by officials from the Department of Health and Hospitals who say that state law prohibits the serving of venison in homeless shelters.

Read more:

What can you do?  I suggest calling the Louisiana State Legislature and express yourself regarding this waste of deer and this over-reach of the state government.

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