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Sunday, March 3, 2013


I guess we are supposed to take from this that the president doesn't know what he's doing economically, right?  

 May I be so bold?  Obama and his radical administration knows exactly what they are doing.   

We are being downsized.  This is the intent, as-per a fascinating conglomeration of forces.  

One force is  the U.N. mandates associated with  Sustainable Development as-per Agenda 21.  Others are related to Obama's own Marxist, Liberation Theology, and yet other forces  are so-called, Progressives who desire  complete control over all the cattle (that's you and me) of the land. 

The unabashed  taxing, borrowing and spending is part of this equation.   To that end, they've redefined the reduction in  the rate of government-growth by dishonestly arguing it to be a devastating cut.!

  Bankrupting America is a primary objective (I feel) because  it  will put us on even-par, possibly worse, with the EU, eventually, and people will be rioting in the streets.

So, my point  is, NBC would rather have SNL  make fun of (or promote an Obama-ignorance-notion),  rather than have viewers (mostly low-information voters) entertain other, potentially more damaging  notionsEssentially, this is 'preemptive suggestion' (propaganda) designed to protect the real agenda.

Here's the video:  

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