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Friday, March 15, 2013


This is a fastenating call that Limbaugh received on wednesday's program.

Rush wants to know why this man, Robert, in South Lake Texas (a life-long Democrat), changed his positions on Obama/Limbaugh, and how long  it took to change.

Limbaugh picks Roberts brain on the Limbaugh comment made in 2009 expressing a desire that 'Obama fails'.  This comment did anger him, Robert said.   The media used the comment to imply that Limbaugh is a far right-wing racist cuck, he added.

The first part of this caller's audio is missing.  In that portion, Robert explained he became a listener to the so-called 'right-winged' alternative conservative media, where the personalities make sense.  Hanitty, Beck, Limbaugh Levin all have his attention now. 

Robert said lots of people are waking up, becoming aware of the damage Obama is inflicting on the nation. 

"Obama went too far!"  "He's kicking the walls down!"  "He tried to do too much to soon",  are a few of Roberts's statements.

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