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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct. 4, 2011 Take Back the American Dream Conference - Progressive Puke's Plans for America VIDEO

(Note: I posted this last night.  Today the Livestream broadcast below is a Live showing of today's conference speakers.  The content I speak of below is not there today.)

You have got to see and share this.  These folks, even a congresswoman and a Senator, intend to use the unemployed as a political tool to further their progressive agenda. 

Watch this video to learn the plans of sleaze-ball-Progressive jerk-wads associated with Obama's former Green Jobs advisor, and Communist, Van Jones.

I looked up one of Van Jones' "Rebuild the Dream" web partners: Common Security Club - and found a link to this video.

These folks are crafty. They plan to say millions of people could be put back to work if  "the American Jobs act" (which they say doesn't go far enough) is passed.   If  Republicans refuse to accept it, they (progressives) will go back to their constituents claiming, "See? Those nasty Republicans are against the middle class." This is a ploy to get Obama reelected.

One man says, they have to win the small war first (pass the American Jobs act) or they won't be able to win the big war, getting Obama reelected.

This is fascinating.

I think these people are corrupt, I don't think they  believe in the rule of law, and I think they plan on fundamentally changing America into a country whose people's liberties no longer come from God, but are granted by government based on compliance with their philosophy.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at

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