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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Herman Cain: He's Sharp; very Sharp!

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Okay, I admit it:  I sometimes watch MSNBC.  But only to assess the latest  unfair characterizations of conservatives, and discover, against whom, those characterizations are being levied.

I was surprised tonight.  Lawrence O'donnell was interviewing Herman Cain.  O'donnell was asking pointed questions using false analogies, false premises, and asked them with a high level of negativism and insinuation.  O'donnell's questions were designed to trip up Mr. Cain, but they didn't work. 

  As I listened to Mr. Cain's answers, I discovered, for myself what so many folks are discovering about him:  He is sharp; very sharp! 

 Mr. Cain kept steering the conversation back to his common sense solutions. 

At one point just prior to a commercial break, when Mr. Cain  mentioned his 9-9-9 plan,  O'donnell marginalized it by disrespectfully referring to it as his "magical  9, 99 (nine, ninety nine) plan". This is the point when I determined O'donnell is an ass.

That said, because of this interview, I see why Mr. Cain's poll numbers are rising. 

Immediately, I got online looking for that interview.  I couldn't find tit so I'm posting this MSNBC round table interview with Cain  following one of the Republican debates.

I found that Herman Cain interview:
Part 1-

Part 2-

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