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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is This the end of Marriage?

The following was emailed to me this morning.  If you believe marriage is a holy union between a one man and one woman, you should read this and do what it asks. 



"Dear Pro-family American,

The radical Homosexual Lobby is taking over!

State by state, they are sweeping through our nation and making a mockery of the holy institution of marriage by forcing their perverted version of marriage on God-fearing Americans.

And do you know the Homosexual Lobby’s ultimate goal?

The complete eradication of marriage and morality in our nation.

They want every pastor, priest and chaplain forced to go against their creed and unite two men in an unholy “matrimony.”

The Homosexual Lobby knows you hold the God-given institution of marriage close and they want nothing more than to strip it from your hands and twist it to their own depraved image.

Riding high on their state victories in New York, Iowa and California, the Homosexual Lobby is pushing forward with legislation designed to destroy marriage.

Already, the Disrespect for Marriage Act (H.R. 1116/S. 598), which repeals DOMA, is marching through Congress!

H.R. 1116 already has 127 co-sponsors in the House!

And S. 598 already has 29 co-sponsors in the Senate!

You and I must act now to stop the Disrespect for Marriage Act in its tracks.

So I ask you to please sign the American Petition on Marriage and Morality I will link to in just a moment.

You see, the Homosexual Lobby isn’t counting on your opposition.

In fact, they’ve gone so far as to boast that pro-family Americans like you are ready to back down from outdated “Christian” morals and move aside for their new “morality.”

Is it true you and other God-trusting Americans no longer care?

Should you and I just let the liberals, the media elites, judges, political insiders and homosexual activists declare two men "husband and husband" and two women "wife and wife" ... or some other perversion of our language and law?

Or do you think it’s time pro-family Americans take a stand and defeat the Disrespect for Marriage Act?

But I must warn you, this fight won’t be easy.

Even now homosexual activists bang through the halls of Congress chortling with glee.

Old friends shy away from me in the hallways.

I can see it in their eyes ... fear.

They are afraid of standing against homosexual marriage and for morality.

Afraid of what the media will say.

Afraid of the tens of millions of dollars homosexual activists spend on elections every two years.

Afraid to be on the losing side.

Please click here to sign your American Petition on Marriage and Morality.

I need it to show these men and women in Congress -- many of them Christians and long-time defenders of the family -- that it is NOT too late, that Americans like you have not given up, that it can still be good politics (as it is good policy) to stand up for marriage and morality.

Your petition and hundreds of thousands of petitions from other faithful, brave Americans is what it will take to turn this situation around.

That’s why I hope you will respond today."

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