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Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Tea Party Commercial

Video at the Bottom.

The following email was in my in-box this morning, and because I am grateful for these folk's efforts,  I am posting this for all to see.  

I didn't see the previous version of  the commercial,  so I didn't give my input in its creation.  If I did, I think I would have done a little more to answer the racism charges.

I think the "racism" charge is the only effective thing the left uses (successfully) to alienate  Tea Party folks from the rest of their communities.  

Is black america supposed to see the white faces of the people in this commercial and  'see' they are not racists?   

What they will see is old white folks introducing themselves.  The commercial doesn't answer, or counter, the racism charges in any way.  Nor does it demonstrate how the Tea Party agenda is better for them, and the Nation, than the left's agenda. 

Here's the email:
"Dear Patriot, 

Over the past several months, we've seen a stark uptick in the intensity and frequency of attacks against the Tea Party movement. From the beginning, liberals and their allies in the mainstream media have labeled us anything from teabaggers to racists, and their venom for this grassroots movement has only increased since then. 

In July, John McCain called us “hobbits” because we wouldn’t give in on our principles, and later that month Joe Biden. likened us to “terrorists.” We’ve grown accustomed to these attacks and brushed them off as nothing to pay attention to. 

This only frustrated the liberals more! Before long, Maxine Waters told a crowd of union thugs that the Tea Party can “go straight to hell,” earning her a standing ovation. Then her friend Frederica Wilson went on record calling the Tea Party the “real enemy.” Then Jesse Jackson equated the Tea Party to the racist agenda of 50 years ago and Andre Carson used some of the most inflammatory language yet in accusing the Tea Party of wanting to lynch African Americans. 

We’ve also seen celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman chime in to attempt to undermine our Conservative beliefs. 

It’s time for us to stand up and say “Enough is enough!” We’re launching our “We are the Tea Party” ad campaign to provide an important counter voice to these messages of hate. By undercutting these lies, we’re going to introduce the real face of the Tea Party: grandparents, single mothers, veterans, working class Americans, and patriots from all walks of life. 

Several weeks ago, we showed you our first cut of the ad and asked you for your guidance in making it the best we could. We know that this is too important and we cannot afford to produce anything but the best, so we’ve spent the time and resources necessary to incorporate your suggestions and make what I believe is a great commercial that accomplishes all of our goals. 

As promised, you’re getting a sneak peek at the revised ad before it goes out. I can’t be more proud of our team for putting this together, and I know you’ll be proud of them too. 
The next step is to get the ad on the air! The only way to make this ad effective is to make it pervasive at a national level. Geographically targeting the ad won’t be enough to counter the lies spread by the national cable news networks! In order for us to reach the level of saturation we need at the national level, we need to raise $150,000. This is by far our most ambitious fundraising goal yet, but also our most important project. 

We cannot allow these lies to continue – we must stand our ground and let America know who we really are: patriots who want to take our country back! We’ve been working hard to recruit thousands of new members every month, and because we are such a large movement, we are able to pull thousands of small donations to make a huge impact! 

If you are sick and tired of big-government politicians and their allies in the liberal media attacking the Tea Party movement, we need you to help us stop it! Please, make a donation today to help us get this important ad on the air. 
Thank you, 

Todd Cefaratti 

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Freedom Organizer 
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Here's the Video:

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