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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newt Gingrich makes Minced Meat of Chris Wallace and Wins Iowa Debate

I say Newt won the debat because I had just about written him off; that is until his performance tonight.   Actually, about 6 months ago I would have volunteered to serve on his campaign, then all I heard was he had issues with his campaign staff and there seemed to be a media blackout of his campaign afterward.

Tonight in the Fox News Republican Debate in Iowa, Newt captured my attention again.

I firmly believe, after seeing this debate, that he is probably the most qualified person present... he is by far more intelligent than the reporters questioning him.

Listen to his response to Chris Wallace pertaining to his campaign issues:

He had many other remarks that were refreshing.  I'll look for other videos and post them  here at  Conservablogger.

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