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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letter to President Obama about His Job Speech coming in September

Dear Mr. President;

I hear you're giving another Speech in September… imagine that. And, this one is going to be about your plan to create jobs… to get the job market going again, right?


Give me a break, Mr. President…

I like how you’re always talking about creating jobs. I think you’re talking only about union jobs. These days I believe most union jobs are public sector jobs…mostly the ones sustained with public funds (tax revenue). They are not self-sustaining jobs, in that they do not create capital.

What? Am I wrong?

Didn’t unions help propel you to The White House?
When you talk about infrastructure: Roads and bridges, you’re talking about Union jobs, right?

When you talk about “more investments” aren’t you’re talking about getting more “workers” for unions?

This makes many people uncomfortable. You see, incase you didn’t know, it is a widely held belief that Union heads are power hungry, and wield their influence to force a political and social agenda that is contrary to the health and stability of our God-endowed-constitutionally-recognized liberty.

When you talk about “getting folks back to work” I’m afraid that you mean only growing the number of union jobs while your various departments puts the squeeze on large and small private businesses (the job creators) who ACTUALLY create capital addomg to the treasury.

Aren’t your departments promoting an anti-business atmosphere through various regulations that would never clear congress?

A couple  examples are: Cap and Trade through the EPA, requiring farmers get CDLs through the DOT. Mr. President, don’t these kinds of regulations necessitate and require the hiring of more public sector jobs?

I see, so that’s how you are growing the economy; more government jobs!

What bold thinking on your part.

Lets see if your next speech talks about  expanding the private sector job market.

If you go this route, don’t take offence If folks don't  believe you. I’ll start believing when you put your money where your mouth is.

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