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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fighting back against Union Bull-Crap in Wisconsin

I received this email today and thought I would share it with you.  No need in me prefacing this because it is self-explanatory:

Last week we stood strong in Washington and had a major impact on the debate. While we did not get Cut, Cap & Balance, we stopped Congress from giving President Obama a blank check. We stopped Congress from allowing President Obama and Harry Reid to raise taxes in order to pay for their spending addiction.

Now we are on to the next big battle of the recall elections in Wisconsin. We have partnered with Tea Party Express for a “Restoring Common Sense” tour to support the Republican Senators that are being recalled.

Usually politicians are recalled for not doing their jobs. These Senators did their jobs! They went to Madison and worked with Governor Walker to balance the state budget, while 14 Democrat Senators fled to neighboring states. Now, they are being unfairly targeted because they stood on conservative principles in order to restore fiscal responsibility to the state.

There is no battle more important in our country right now. President Obama and his Organizing for America, along with the SEIU, AFL-CIO and have all pumped money into this state in an effort to recall these Republicans. If the Republicans are recalled, it will only embolden the left.

We must stand strong for fiscal responsibility and reign in the out of control spending that plagues Washington and state houses across the country!

We are traveling across Wisconsin and holding rallies for the next four days. You can find the tour schedule HERE.

Yesterday, we kicked off the tour with stops in Hudson and La Crosse.

In Hudson, we had a very successful rally after being greeted by at least 50 union thugs. They were nasty, mean and obnoxious, but that is to be expected. We are a threat to their liberal agenda.
Today we are headed to Kenosha and Thiensville. We are headed into the heart of liberal land, so we expect many more union protestors.
We will update you later on today's stops, but we need your help now.
What can you do to help this effort?

Please stand with us and support our efforts to stand for fiscal responsibility by making a generous contribution HERE. While George Soros and big labor money fund the left, individual supporters like you fund us!

Follow American Grassroots Coalition live on Facebook and Twitter.
We will be blogging each day from the road and adding pictures from the rallies. You can stay updated on our travels HERE.

Wisconsin needs our support and we need your support! We cannot do this without you. "


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