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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mitt Romney - One Voter's Opinion - Should we vote for him?

I watched Mit Momney on CSPAN today. He was at the Iowa State Fair giving remaks, then answering some pointed questions about his stance on raising corporate taxes and entitlement spending.

This is the first time I observed Romney on TV. I never heard him speak before.

In fact, the reason I stopped on CSPAN to watch this event was just to see and hear what all the hype is about concerning his high standing in the polls.

He's always placing 1st in straw and other polls; ahead of all the other people competing for the Republican nomination. So, I wanted to see for myself what others see in this cat.

What I think I heard was a fellow whose been in politics a long time. He's well coached, and hit all the classic Republican talking points.

The first George Bush could have been standing there and I wouldn't have been able to discern their content.

I almost heard Romney say, "No New Taxes"... But alas, he didn't actually say those exact words.

So, I listened, and I observed his mannerisms and begin forming my own opinion of him.

First, I think he has too much starch in his collar. His words speak the same tired montra of the old Republican Party that has helped bring our nation to the brink of financial ruin, and his tone lacks and conviction.... in my opinion.

So, I went on line to find a video of the Iowa State Fair remarks to give him another chance: to see if I'd feel the same way after watching it again.  

 That's  when I came upon this little video which kinda confirmed my origional suspicions.

What are your thoughts?

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