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Sunday, August 7, 2011

After Agreement is Made, Obama says 'Wealthy & Corporations Must Pay ‘Fair Share’

The president actually believes he scored a victory and has Rebuplicans on the ropes because they caved in to avoid dreaded default. 

He still insist on making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.  As if what they pay isn't already their 'fair share'.

My comment is, when 48% of the populations pays no taxes at all, while 52% does, how can making the wealthy pay more be fair?

I say, start cutting some of the child tax credits and other vote-buying gimicks.  That would 'actually' make it more fair.   Nevermind the fact that the wealthy and corporations provide alot of jobs. 

While we're at it, lets allow companies who have foreign holdings to bring their money back tax free.  Lets ease some regulations and allow businesses to thrive, rather than smother them under mountains of red tape and threats of increased taxes and a mandate to provide health insurance; if you're one of Obama's union corporation buddies, this last horse-collar doesn't apply). 

This should be a business friendly nation.

Why should businesses be penalized for having the where-with-all and the drive to risk everything only to be beat down by the government?

Everyone should be taxed at the same rate!  And you should call your reps to let 'em know.

Here's the president:

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