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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Government Enterprising Western Solar Panel Zone - Power Grab is Unconstitutional

The federal government is supposed to do alot of things, but I don't think building solar panel farms is one.

How much land will be utilized for “solar” energy, and can we export solar energy to increase our nations treasury? I suppose our president and the rest of the D.C. progressives wants a single payer system for energy needs as well as medical ones.

If Uncle Sam is monopolizing solar energy on public lands, they will then sell produced energy to the public. Is this a correct assessment?

If the government is killing patrolium jobs here in the U.S. and restricts our own ability to produce and refine our own oil, it's price will increase.  If the government imposes cap and trade rules, energy bills will "skyrocket" as the president admitted.

couple the lack of our own oil, with the cap and trade energy increases, people may want to revert to the "cheeper" government supplied electricity.  Now, if the governments finger is on the nations light switch, who runs the country?  Who runs you?

If our government has the power to turn our power off, they have too much power!

They are going to spend more money than we can afford farting around with solar energy. We should be expanding our petroleum industry.

We can expand our petroleum industry while working to increase alternative energy sources.

Lets figure out Hydrogen fuel cells, for example, making them more practical.

The Obama administration is killing our economy with their utopian vision that “spreads the wealth around“.

An article on titled  "Meetings on Solar Impact Study Announced we are informed of several meetings where public input will be heard. Here are some excerpts from the article:

“A detailed study known as the Draft Solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement was compiled over the past two years as part of the Obama Administration’s efforts to create a framework for developing renewable energy in the right way and in the right places.”

A Notice of Availability for the draft plan was published in the December 17, 2010 Federal Register, opening a 90-day public comment period. The Bureau of Land Management and Department of Energy will hold 13 public meetings, beginning with a February 2 session in the Nation’s Capital, to provide an overview of the document. The additional meetings will take public comments at several locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah.

Secretary Salazar says – this comprehensive proposal and early planning is designed to help site solar projects in the right places and reduce conflicts and delays in developing our new energy economy. Secretary Chu says – by developing a smart and responsible strategy to expand the use of solar power on federal lands, we can grow our domestic solar industry and create jobs in this important “

I’d like to know just how much land would be used. I’m sure the land would then be off-limits to just about everyone. Will the ‘National Solar panel Zone’ be continuous from Mexico to Canada? Think about that question. I don’t think it would, but one can’t be sure of anything with this administration accept it is deceptive at every level.
Think about what I’m writing here, then check out the U.N. Agenda 21 which will have us all rounded up in population zones and most if not all public wild lands will be restricted; in the name of “environmental sustainability”.

People, you better wake up. Our republic is in trouble. We have to keep in mind the old quote: “United we stand; divided we fall“.

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